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Identity Components

The bark of a Paper Birch tree stands out in the North Woods. It is authentically itself. The Paper Birch is admired for its beautiful and varied peeling paper bark and delicate foliage. It has grown and specialized over time, weathering each seasonal change.

Yet, becoming a Paper Birch is more than just a look. A paper birch requires a strategy and the right environment to thrive—the cool, partially shaded northern woods with its moist soil.

Colordance Design works with you to express your true identity with skillful use of design elements that best display your content. Your business identity succeeds with an orchestrated plan which connects emotionally with your audience.

If you need a strategy to convey your written message, that help is available. Just as every species of tree has bark, leaves, flowers, seed pods or fruit, each part contributes to the sum of its unique essence.

Identity components include your

Each involve choices of typography, color, layout, and graphic elements, guided by your underlying concept. A well conceived business identity acts as distinct footprint to consistently transmit your message.

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