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Historically, our ancestors gathered around the campfire, entertained by word and dance. They may have participated in rituals where drawings of animals and mythic figures were artfully etched on cave walls. For most early cultures there was no written language. Stories were traditionally the main vehicle for communicating concepts, principles, and values, as well as historic facts.

William Buchholtz Journey Home CD Cover

What story does this CD cover tell?

Good storytelling still matters in our complex contemporary world. Today, digital screens have replaced camp fires, cave walls, and ancient scrolls. Now words, music, and rich visual imagery convey concepts, principles, values, and facts of our digital age. Our desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and print media act as a chorus to entice viewers to take action.

Our hunger for good stories hasn’t changed much overtime. Smart businesses recognize this and seek to educate their customers with this idea in mind.

Alison Esse co-founder of The StoryTellers Ltd, a business which teaches the art of storytelling to corporations says:

“Storytelling is the most powerful form of learning and shared knowledge.”

Effective storytelling captures listeners’ attention by stimulating their curiosity, imagination, and feeling response. A good story can be persuasive tool to introduce topics, model new behaviors, and teach by example.

Compelling stories can be expressed thru any media. They do not have to be audible or written words. Every picture can tell a story. Even a series of pictures can reveal a story.

If you want your business to be noticed and remembered, you want your promotional materials to tell a convincing story. At Colordance Design we consider it part of our job to keep an eye on your story. Consider us your editor who keeps your narrative inspiring, clear, and well organized.

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