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Dance Your Distinct Rhythm and Design

Speak With One Voice

Imagine your marketing communication as a dance performance. There’s a story line, costumes, musical score, and choreography—all consistent with a theme that is meant to captivate an audience. However, the ballet Sleeping Beauty is in stark contrast to the popular TV program, Dancing With The Stars. Envision a ballerina dancing an arabesque on the TV show. Her costume, movements, and music would be out of place. Likewise, a couple intent on dancing a competitive Latin cha-cha would disturb the rhythm of a graceful ballet. Whenever overarching themes are mixed and not integrated, chaos ensues. No clear messaging is sent.  Effective market messaging needs to “speak with one voice.”

It is best to communicate your marketing messaging with its distinct rhythm and design. If you are presented with two different logos that you like, do you use one for your website and another for your business card? Would you use a brochure if the layout and identity components are not consistent with the rest of your advertising collateral?  Our advice to the above situations is to take into account your viewer’s needs and politely say “No.”

Consistency Matters

Often business owners do not take the time to consider how their advertising collateral is perceived by the audience they target. If the brand ingredients are not applied consistently to all print and media applications, the choreography is interrupted. Consider what occurs when you mix the colors red, blue, and green together—you get a shade of brown. Or, if you cook a soup and add ten spices to the pot, will it taste delicious? Just because you like a specific color or spice does not mean that “adding to the mix” will create a better end product. Too many colors, too much detail, or too many unrelated ingredients muddies the messaging – like melting a box of crayons into one brown blob. You loose your impact and leave your readers confused.  Who will remember you?
Coke signage
Take into account your viewer’s memory bank. Each day they step out their front door, they are surrounded by a sea of images. Photographs and typographic treatments are everywhere. You want your audience to remember your business, even when they are not, at the present moment, in need of your services. Thus, when they do have a need in the future they can retrieve a snapshot or “byte” of information from their neural archives.

Repetition Imprints Your Messaging

Imprinting you marketing message into the minds of your target audience requires repetition of a consistent design. Remember the last time you were thirsty and shopped at the grocery store for your favorite drink? Can you visualize the name and product packaging? Red and white label, Coke, perhaps? Major brands often advertise their brand mark correlated to a consumer need.  Thus, when you are thirsty, your mind brings up the image of the soft drink logo.

Your visual choreography begins with an iconic logo capturing the symbolic essence of your work. It progresses to a conceptual theme embracing a distinct graphic design style. It incorporates meaningful imagery which alludes to a larger context or culture in which your business thrives. It encompasses a successful website which mirrors your distinct business identity. Thus, viewer’s are invited to engage with your business by gently capturing their interest, support, and participation. This is accomplished through the application of good graphic design and web usability features, which increases web site effectiveness.

Your promotional materials should communicate a distinct, consistent identity. Brand consistency is vital. Our human brain thrives on it. Be firm and steadfast with your market communication.  Our advice?  Dance your distinct rhythm and design and speak with one voice.


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